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ARIES Project Meeting, 9 August 1999

University of California, San Diego
Institute of the Americas, Duetz Room


9 August 1999 (Institute of the Americas, Duetz Room)



8:00 Coffee and Socializing UCSD hosts
8:30 Review of Agenda and Topics To Be Covered Waganer

Summary of Snowmass Topics and Conclusions

8:40 Plasma Science Issues Jardin
9:10 Energy Issues: Visions for Power Applications Steiner
9:40 Chamber Technology (walls, blankets, RAM, testing) Tillack
10:10 Magnet Systems Bromberg
10:30 Tritium Self-Sufficiency and Waste Volume Issue Sze
10:45 Waste Minimization Petti
11:00 Break All
11:15 Influence of Snowmass Results on ARIES project Najmabadi

Large Fusion Power Plant

11:30 Status of Large Fusion Power Plant Study Waganer
12:00 Palladium Membrane Reactor for Hydrogen Production Sze
12:15 Extra Discussion Time All
12:30 Lunch All

Neutron Source Study

1:30 Overview of Neutron Source Study Steiner
2:00 Summary of Neutron Source Products Waganer
2:15 Plng Intn'l Activity on Pu and Actinide Transmutation in Fusion Reactors Cheng
2:30 Useful Metrics and Source Modeling R. Miller
3:00 Engineering and Nuclear Performance Results Tillack
-- Environmental, Safety, and Licensing Implications (any comments?) Petti
3:15 Break All

ARIES Physics

3:30 Beta Optimization and Transport calculatons Chan
4:00 Optimization and Aspect Ratio Effects - ARIES-AT Studies Kessel
4:30 Current Drive Issues - ARIES-AT Studies Mau
5:00 Physics Session Wrap-up Jardin
5:30 Adjourn All

Tuesday, 10 August 1999 (EBU-I, Room 4307)

8:30 Coffee and Socializing UCSD hosts

ARIES-AT Engineering

9:00 Self-Cooled Blanket Design Issues El-Guebaly
9:30 Geometry and Thermal Hydraulics Sviatoslavsky/Mogahed
10:00 Shielding and Activation Issues El-Guebaly/Henderson/Abdou
10:30 Break
10:45 Conceptual Design Study of Dual LiPb/He Coolant SiC/SiC Blanket Raffray/Wang
11:30 Magnet Costing Bromberg
12:00 Extra Discussion Period All
12:30 Lunch All
1:30 Systems and Economic Modeling of the ARIES-AT Design R. Miller
2:15 Discussion and Plans for ARIES-AT Activity Najmabadi
2:45 Break


3:00 Discussion of Next CC/E-Meeting and Project Meeting Dates Najmabadi
3:15 Coordination of ISFNT, IEEE, ANS papers Najmabadi
Other Administrative Topics
5:00? Adjourn

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