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ARIES E Meeting, September 7, 1999

Telephone call-in number: 206-655-0054 (or use 800-764-2618 with pass code 3422)
9:00-12:00 PST, September 7, 1999


AGENDA (pacific times)

9:00 L. Waganer,
F. Najmabadi,
W. Dove
Opening remarks, Administrative items
Neutron Source Studies
9:10 Don Steiner Status
9:30 T. K. Mau Current Drive Update for ARIES-AT
9:45 M. S. Tillack Progress on LM Divertor Option
10:00 Rene Raffray FW Poloidal Flow Cooling
11:45 F. Najmabadi, et al. Closing remarks, discussion
12:00 Adjourn

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