Liquid Surface Divertor for ARIES

Plasma-facing materialSnLi
Peak temperature of SnLi TBD (likely lower than PbLi)
Flow configuration shower or droplet
Droplet curtain thickness10 cm (normal blanket/shield behind it)
Manifolding and flow capture pipes10-20 cm behind curtain
Edge plasma regimelow recycling
Edge temperature100-500 eV
Vacuum pumping requirementzero??
Plasma configurationsingle null or double null

Topics to be addressed in the divertor design activity:

  1. Integration of the divertor geometry with the first wall and blanket,

  2. Integration of the divertor heat removal system with the plant power conversion system,

  3. Integration of the divertor SnLi flow with the tritium processing system,

  4. Integration of the divertor with the vacuum pump system,

  5. Impact of transient events on divertor operation and clean-up,

  6. Safety considerations for free-surface divertors.