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Members of Academy Fusion Panel Named

August 20, 2002

The Board of Physics and Astronomy of the National Academies has released the names of the members of the Burning Plasma Assessment Committee (FPN02-53) and the dates of their first meeting. The committee will meet September 17-18. The members of the committee are:

John F. Ahearne, co-chair, Sigma Xi
Raymond Fonck, co-chair, University of Wisconsin
John N. Bahcall, member, Princeton University
Gordon A. Baym, member, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stephen C. Cowley, member, Imperial College London
Edward A. Frieman, member, SAIC
Walter Gekelman, member, University of California, Los Angeles
Joseph Hezir, member, EOP Group, Inc.
William M. Nevins, member, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ronald R. Parker, member, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Claudio Pellegrini, member, University of California, Los Angeles
Burton Richter, member, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Clifford M. Surko, member, University of California, San Diego
Tony S. Taylor, member, General Atomics
Michael A. Ulrickson, member, Sandia National Laboratories
Michael Charles Zarnstorff, member, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ellen Gould Zweibel, member, JILA, University of Colorado

A link to the web site describing the Committee's charge, membership and planned work schedule has been posted at http://fire.pppl.gov