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DOE Changes Proposal Solicitation Procedures

April 30, 2004

As published in the Federal Register on Friday, February 20, 2004, DOE is amending its Assistance Regulations to make changes in the solicitation requirements and the way the public is notified of funding opportunities that result in the award of grants and cooperative agreements. Previously, the Department's Assistance Regulations required that solicitations or notices of solicitations be published in the Federal Register. Since March 2003, DOE has also been posting synopses of solicitations on the Grants.gov Find module at http://grants.gov/. This is the government-wide Internet site for Federal agencies' announcements of financial assistance funding opportunities. Effective as of March 22, 2004, DOE will no longer publish separate notices in the Federal Register because the information is provided at the Grants.gov Find Internet site.

As a result of the government-wide streamlining initiative, government agencies are now required to posts synopses of their discretionary grant and cooperative agreement funding opportunity announcements on the Grants.gov Find module at http://grants.gov/. Therefore, DOE will no longer publish notices in the Federal Resister and instead will rely exclusively on notices posted on the Grants.gov Internet site to inform the public of DOE financial assistance funding opportunities. For more information see the Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 34 / February 20, 2004.

The Office of Science will continue to publish these announcements as they occur on the DOE IIPS website (http://e-center.doe.gov/), as well as the Office of Science Grants and Contracts website http://www.sc.doe.gov/grants/grants.html