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New Book Published

June 17, 2004

A new textbook, titled Plasma Physics and Engineering, hasd recently been published by Taylor & Francis Company (860 pages;ISBN 1-56032-848-7). The authors of the text are Alexander Fridman, Drexel University, Professor and Director of Drexel Plasma Institute and Lawrence Kennedy, University of Illinois at Chicago, Professor and Dean of College of Engineering.

The objective of the book is to present basic and applied knowledge on modern plasma physics, plasma chemistry and plasma engineering for senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as for scientists and engineers, working with plasmas, laser and combustion systems.

The text is organized into two parts. Part I addresses the basic physics and chemistry of plasma. Chapter 2 examines the elementary processes of charge species in plasma; Chapter 3 provides a thorough introduction of the elementary processes of excited molecules and atoms in plasmas; Chapter 4 and 5 examine the kinetics of charged/excited particles; and Chapter 6 gives a thorough introduction to the electrostatics, electrodynamics and fluid mechanics of plasma.

Part II addresses the physics and engineering of electric discharges, specifically examining glow and arc discharges. (Chapters 7 and 8), cold atmospheric pressure discharges typically associated with corona, dielectric barrier and spark discharges (Chapter 9);plasma created in high frequency electromagnetic fields characterized by radio frequency, microwave and optical discharges (Chapter 10) and discharges in aerosols and dusty plasmas (Chapter 11). In Chapter 12, the second part concludes with discussions on electron beam plasmas.

The book provides a clear fundamental introduction to actually all aspects of modern plasma physics, plasma chemistry and plasma engineering. It describes all electric discharges applied today from vacuum to atmospheric pressure and higher, from thermal plasma sources to essentially cold non-equilibrium discharges; all the discharges are classified according to their physical nature and compared from the point of specific applications. The book can be very helpful to engineers, scientists and students interested in plasma physics, plasma chemistry, plasma engineering, combustion, as well as in chemical physics, lasers, electronics and new methods of material treatment, fuel conversion and environmental control.

The book contains extensive database on plasma kinetics and thermodynamics as well as a lot of convenient numerical formulas for practical calculations related to specific electric discharges and specific plasma-chemical processes and applications. The book contains a large number of problems and concept questions, helpful in university courses related to plasma, lasers, combustion, chemical kinetics, statistics and thermodynamics, high temperature and high-energy fluid mechanics.

To order the book you can use amazon.com, or contact Taylor&Francis: in USA: phone 800-634-7064, FAX: 800-248-4724, e-mail: bkorders@taylorandfrancis.com, www.routledge-ny.com
In Canada: phone 877-226-2237, FAX 416-299-7531, e-mail tal_fran@istar.com
Outside of North America: phone +44 (0) 1264 34 2926, Fax: +44 (0) 1264 34 3070, Email: orders@tandf.co.uk