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Fusion Symposium in Denmark

June 18, 2004

A Symposium on Fusion Energy was held March 24, 2004 in The Niels Bohr Auditorium of the Riso National Laboratory in Denmark. The symposium, which was open to the public, was of "particular interest to those concerned with research, energy technology and supply." The symposium consisted of four presentations by prominent speakers from the European fusion research community to "motivate the need for developing fusion energy (and) present the present state of fusion research and outline the future course."

Prof. Hardo Bruhns, European Commission, spoke on the topic "What is fusion and why do we develop it?" Dr. Jerome Pamela, Associate Leader for the Joint European Torus, spoke on "JET, Europe's world leading fusion experiment." Dr. M. Chatelier, Euratom-CEA, Caderache, spoke on "ITER, an essential step towards fusion power." Dr. Gunter Janeschitz, Euratom-FZK. Karlsruhe, spoke on "The fast track to fusion power."

The agenda for the meeting is posted at http://www.risoe.dk/euratom/FusionSymposium/FusionSymposium.htm

A summary of the talks is provided in the June 2004 EFDA Newsletter, posted at http://www.efda.org