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FPA Announces 2004 Awards

September 10, 2004

Fusion Power Associates Board of Directors announces the recipients of its 2004 Awards. Previous recipients are posted at http://fusionpower.org and click on Awards. The awards will be presented at the FPA 2004 annual meeting and symposium, December 13 in Gaithersburg, MD.


FPA 2004 Leadership Awards will be presented to Raymond Fonck (University of Wisconsin) and to Farrokh Najmabadi (University of California, San Diego).

In selecting Dr. Fonck, the Board recognizes his many scientific contributions to the study of plasmas in both tokamak and alternate confinement concepts and especially notes the important leadership role he played in securing priority for the study of burning plasmas both within the fusion community and through his role as co-chair of the National Academies' Burning Plasma Assessment Committee.

In selecting Dr. Najmabadi, the Board recognizes his many contributions to a variety of fusion concepts and especially commends him for his recognition of the importance of the inter-related physics/technology systems aspects of these concepts. The Board also notes the important role he has played as leader of the national fusion power plant studies, which have provided perspective and guidance for the near-term fusion research effort.


The FPA 2004 Distinguished Career Award will be presented to Prof. Bruno Coppi (MIT). In selecting Prof. Coppi, the Board recognizes his seminal contributions to plasma and fusion science over many decades. The Board notes that the world fusion effort is especially in his debt for his early and continuing recognition of the importance of high magnetic field in the design and operation of tokamak fusion devices and for his tireless efforts to urge the construction of a fusion ignition experiment.


The FPA 2004 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award, established in memory of MIT Professor of Nuclear Engineering David J. Rose, will be presented to Camille Bibeau (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). In selecting Dr. Bibeau, the FPA Board recognizes her many technical contributions to the design, construction and operation of laser systems, as evidenced by her exemplary publications record and her role as Project Leader of the Mercury diode-pumped solid state laser program at LLNL. The Board especially recognizes her outstanding communications skills in providing clear and understandable presentations on highly complex topics to a variety of audiences.