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In Memoriam: R. S. Pease

October 20, 2004

R. S. "Bas" Pease, a pioneer scientist of the world fusion program and long time leader of the British fusion effort, died October 17 in England. He was one of the leaders of the world fusion research effort during the 1950s and illuminated many aspects of the pinch effect, especially the limitations on ohmic heating and current in pinch discharges. He retired from his position as Director of the Culham fusion laboratory in 1987. He was the recipient of Fusion Power Associates Distinguished Career Award in 1989.

He was an Individual Affiliate of Fusion Power Associates since its inception 25 years ago. In a recent note to Fusion Power Associates he wrote "Greetings! Well done to keep the ship afloat and on course; and fusion supporters well-informed."

The world fusion effort has lost one of its legends. Bas was a colorful, "larger than life" figure on the world fusion scene during his decades long career. After his retirement, he was active in the Pugwash Trust, working with a group of eminent scientists encouraging international collaboration for world peace.

The funeral will be for family and close friends only but the family has said that ther will be an event to celebrate his life sometime next year. They have asked for any donations in his memory to be made to the British Pugwash Trust, Ground Floor Flat, 63A Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3BJ, United Kingdom.

Condolences may be sent to the family at The Poplars, West Isley, Newbury, Rb20 7AW United Kingdom.