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FPA Annual Meeting Presentations Posted

December 15, 2004

Presentations from the Fusion Power Associates 25th Anniversary Meeting and Synposium, "The Fusion Energy Option," have been posted at http://fire.pppl.gov/fpa_annual04.html

The presentations include:

Current Perspectives on Fossil Fuel Reserves
- John Sheffield, Joint Inst. for Energy and Environment, U. Tenn.

Fusion as a Source for Hydrogen Production
- Mike Campbell and Ken Schultz, General Atomics

Plans for Early Ignition on NIF
- John Lindl, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Development Paths for Inertial Fusion Energy
- Mike Campbell, General Atomics

Status of Planning for ITER
- Ned Sauthoff, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Status and Promise of Compact Stellarator
- Hutch Neilson, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Status and Promise of Compact Tori and Magnetized Target Fusion
- Glen Wurden, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Fusion Technology R&D Needed Now for Magnetic Fusion Energy
- Neil Morley. University of California, Los Angeles

Status of High Average Power Laser Program
- John Sethian, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory

Status of Z-pinch IFE Program
- Craig Olson, Sandia National Laboratory

Status of Heavy Ion Fusion Program
- Grant Logan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Perspectives on Fusion Electric Power Plants: Critical R&D Issues
- Farrokh Najmabadi, University of California, San Diego

Thoughts on Fusion Energy Development Strategies
- Dale Meade, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Fusion Energy Sciences Update
- N. Anne Davies, U. S. Dept. of Energy

Inertial Confinement Fusion and the NIF Project Update
- Chris Keane, U. S. Dept. of Energy