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FESAC Reconstituted

January 30, 2006

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has completed the process for putting in place a new set of members for its Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC). DOE says the process was "a bit complicated" due to a decision that all members of DOE advisory committees as governed by the Federal Advisory Committee Act would have to become Special Government Employees on the days when they were engaged in the work of the committee.

The FESAC will meet February 28 - March 1 a the Gaithersburg (Maryland) Hilton Hotel. Details will be posted on the DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences web site: http://www.ofes.fusion.doe.gov (Click on FESAC).

Below is the list of the FESAC members for the membership term ending in October 2007:

Professor Stewart C. Prager, Chair, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Charles C. Baker, Sandia National Laboratory
Professor Riccardo Betti, University of Rochester
Dr. Richard W. Callis, General Atomics
Dr. Jill Dahlburg, Naval Research Laboratory
Professor Jeffrey P. Freidberg, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Ctr
Dr. Martin J. Greenwald, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Ctr
Professor Richard D. Hazeltine, University of Texas at Austin
Professor Joseph A. Johnson, III, Florida A&M University
Dr. Rulon K. Linford, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Dr. Kathryn McCarthy, Idaho National Laboratory
Professor Gerald A. Navratil, Columbia University
Dr. John Sheffield, Joint Institute for Energy and Environment
Professor Edward Thomas, Jr., Auburn University
Dr. Michael Zarnstorff, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Dr. Said I. Abdel-Khalik, Fusion Energy Division, American Nuclear Society
Dr. Melissa Douglas, Division of Plasma Physics, American Physical Society
Dr. John W. Steadman, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

For further information contact Al Opdenaker (albert.opdenaker@science.doe.gov)