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Nominations for ITER Deputy Directors General

February 27, 2006

ITER's Director General Nominee (DGN) Kaname Ikeda has recently requested that the seven ITER parties nominate candidates for the positions of Deputy Director General (DDG). This notice solicits such nominations from the US community, which will serve as a source for US nominations. The US ITER Project Office is collecting the community nominations and will work with the Department of Energy in preparing the US response to DGN Ikeda's request. The international ITER Team will then review the candidates nominated by all the ITER parties and make the final selections.

According to DGN Ikeda's request to the ITER parties, he is seeking candidates for the following DDG positions:

- Integration/Coordination of Procurements to assist the Principal Deputy Director General (PDDG) through supervising all the matters related to integration of construction such as configuration control, planning, schedule control, risk management, coordination of procurements and document and drawing control

- Science and Technology to supervise all S&T-related matters, ITER performance and ITER relevant R&D (except for construction of ITER) including coordination of ITER and international tokamak physics activities and test blanket development in all parties

- Tokamak Systems to supervise all the matters related to development of technical specifications, procurements, installations and tests of all tokamak core systems

- Safety and QA to supervise all the matters related to safety and quality assurance, licensing, and internal audit to ITER Organization

- Administration to manage all the administrative items like personnel, finance, accounting, contracts, media relations and to provide secretariat services to the Council

- Plant Systems to supervise all the matters related to development of technical specifications, procurements, installations and tests of all plant systems except for tokamak core, diagnostic, and CODAC systems

- CODAC Systems to supervise all the matters related to development of technical specifications, procurements, installations and tests of all diagnostics and CODAC systems including development of information technology

- Infrastructure to supervise all the matters related to the civil engineering work, building and site services

DGN Ikeda and the parties plan to discuss and refine the ITER Organization's management structure over the next months, so the exact positions and their associated roles and responsibilities are not yet finalized. While the US, and all other parties, may nominate excellent candidates in all 8 positions, nominees and candidates should consider that the Safety and QA DDG position may be best filled by a Host State National.

The US ITER Project Office invites individuals and institutions to nominate US candidates through a special web site dedicated to this solicitation, www.usiter.org and select Jobs and International Organization Positions. This website has additional information on the positions and the current understandings on terms and conditions for employment.

The US intends to provide its list to DGN Ikeda during the second half of March. To allow for US consideration of the nominees and preparation of the US slate of US candidates, nominations will be accepted through March 17, 2006. The successful candidate would ideally report for work in the late Summer or early Fall.

In addition, applications are being accepted for US ITER Project Office Team Leaders and WBS Managers. More information is available on the US ITER web site at www.usiter.org and select U.S. Positions.

For further information, contact:
Ned R. Sauthoff, Ph.D.
Director, U.S. ITER Project (www.usiter.org)
Princeton University, DOE Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory MS-37
P.O. Box 451
Princeton, N.J. 08543
Phone: 609-243-3207
FAX: 609-243-3266