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ITER Deputies Named

July 27, 2006

Delegations from the seven Parties to the ITER project - China, European Union, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation and United States of America - held their 9th Preparatory Committee Meeting July 13 at Cadarache - the agreed site for the Project - to advance their joint work to prepare for the start of ITER Construction.

This was the first meeting of the Committee since the initialling by the Parties of the ITER Joint Implementation Agreement to establish the ITER Organization, in Brussels May 24th 2006. This Committee meeting marked the start of a new stage in the preparations for the project.

The new organization took further shape as the Committee approved nominee Director-General Kaname Ikeda's proposals for the top management structure and for designation of the following to the six Deputy Director General posts within that structure:

Administration: Shaoqi WANG (China)
Safety and Security: Carlos ALEJALDRE (European Union)
Fusion Science and Technololgy: Valery CHUYANOV (Russian Federation)
Tokamak Systems: Gary JOHNSON (U.S.)
Central Engineering and Plant Systems: Yong Hwan KIM (Korea)
Control/Heating and Current Drive Systems/Diagnostics: Dhiraj BORA (India)

With these designations the top management structure of the prospective ITER Organisation is now complete. A brief summary of the resume's of the new designees follows.

The Committee endorsed the plans for the buildup of the ITER staff, budget estimates for 2006 and 2007, and technical activities to be pursued in the coming months and years. It also discussed the various preparations needed to bring the ITER Organisation into effective operation once the Agreement is signed, expected in late November 2006.


Starting out with basic studies in plasma heating and stability, led the construction of a stellarator for CIEMAT, and directed the Spanish bid for ITER siting. Most recently. Director-General for Technology in the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education.

Shaoqi WANG

Originally an electrical engineer in ship manufacture, was for a long time the Director-General of the Department of International Cooperationof the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and most recently the Minister-Counselor for Science and Technology, Chinese Embassy in France


Following early work in experimental physics and fusion research in Russia and abroad, joined ITER in 1992. He has a deep knowledge of ITER systems at first hand, and many years of successful participation in organisation of international scientific cooperation.


Worked initially on the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation programme at ORNL and LLNL. Was ITER Vacuum Vessel Group Leader between 1993 and 1999, and since 1999 has been working on the SNS project at ORNL, most recently as Experimental Facilities Division Installation Manager.

Yong Hwan KIM

A trained mechanical engineer, involved in the development and implementation of Korean national policies promoting science and technology, through the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Played a leading role in establishing the long-term national nuclear fusion R&D programme.

Dhiraj BORA

Professor and Project Leader at the Institute for Plasma research, Bhat, Gandhinagar, India, has been active in plasma physics research for over 25 years, in particular on RF heating and current drive in tokamaks. Is currently project leader for the ADITYA tokamak, and Deputy Project Director for ITER India Project.