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ITER Job Openings

October 27, 2006

ITER's Director General Nominee (DGN) Kaname Ikeda has recently requested that the seven ITER parties nominate candidates for newly open International ITER Team positions. This solicitation for nominations from the US community serves as one source for US nominations and invites community suggestions and self-nominations. The US ITER Project Office is collecting the nominations and will work with the Department of Energy in preparing the US response to DGN Ikeda's request. The International ITER Team will then review candidates nominated by all the ITER parties and make a final selection from the candidates from all the parties.

According to DGN Ikeda's request to the ITER parties, he is seeking candidates for the following open positions that are of particular interest to the US:

* Diagnostics Engineer http://erie.ornl.gov/iter_ddgs/DDG_First.cfm?Position=11 Develops the design of the interfaces of diagnostic components with the main tokamak components, including heat loads, cooling requirements and options, e-m forces, particle fluxes and protection of optical components, electrical connections, remote-handling, calibration, alignment, testing and maintenance schemes

* Superconductor Engineer http://erie.ornl.gov/iter_ddgs/DDG_First.cfm?Position=12 Contributes to the design and procurement elements of the ITER conductors and their use in coils

* Diagnostic Physicist http://erie.ornl.gov/iter_ddgs/DDG_First.cfm?Position=13 Develops the design of diagnostic systems, including relevant supporting R&D, with emphasis on optical systems

* Coil Designer http://erie.ornl.gov/iter_ddgs/DDG_First.cfm?Position=14 Responsible for the PF Coil Design and Procurement

The US ITER Project Office invites individuals and institutions to nominate US candidates through a special web site dedicated to this solicitation, http://www.usiter.org/ and select Jobs and International Organization Positions.

The successful candidates will ideally report for work in Cadarache, France, in early winter. Assignments may be of a temporary nature for up to 12 months pending the organization of the international ITER Organization and execution of the legal agreement governing the ITER Organization. Only "secondees" are solicited for these positions since the ITER Organization cannot at this time offer employment. Nominees will be required to provide a statement of support from their employer, including a cost proposal.

Please share this information, encourage qualified candidates to express interest, and nominate candidates that we should consider. Please contact Ms. Bonnie Hebert (hebertb@ornl.gov or 865-241-9309), US ITER Human Resources Manager, or Ned Sauthoff (sauthoffnr@ornl.gov) with any questions about this solicitation.