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Gaithersburg, MD 20879
phone: (301) 258-0545
fax: (301) 975-9869
e-mail: fpa@compuserve.com
web: http://fusionpower.org

January 30, 1998

FPN98-04 Fusion Program Notes


This is to call your attention to the new Fusion Power Associates web site at http://fusionpower.org

The site describes the purpose, goals and policies of Fusion Power Associates, provides a listing of our institutional Members and Affiliates, Board of Directors and Officers and list of past symposia. The site provides links to our archived email Fusion Program Notes and color brochure: Investment in an Energy Source for Tomorrow -- Fusion -- Yields Important Benefits Today.

The site provides links to over 50 other sites of interest to those seeking information on fusion. If your favorite site is not among those listed, please advise me so I can add it.

Finally, to those of you who have web sites, please provide a link to our Fusion Power Associates site.