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February 13, 1998

FPN98-07 Fusion Program Notes

Nominations for Awards Sought

Fusion Power Associates is seeking nominations for its annual awards.

There are three awards: Distinguised Career, Leadership, and Excellence in Fusion Engineering.

Distinguished Career Awards are presented to those individuals (usually at,near or beyond retirement age) who have made distinguished, lifelong career contributions to fusion development.

Previous recipients are : M.B. Gottlieb, D. Kerst, R.F. Post and L. Spitzer, Jr. (1987); K. Husimi, D. Palulmbo and R.S. Pease (1988); F. H. Coensgen, D. J. Grove and F. L. Ribe (1989); N. G. Basov and T. Sekiguchi (1990); H. K. Forsen, J. W. Landis, R. L. Sproull and H. G. Stever (1991); R. Bickerton, A. Bishop, V. Glukhikh and S. Mori (1992); R. A. Gross and M. W. Rosenthal (1993); C. A. Flanagan and W. G. Kunkel (1994); T. K. Fowler and H. P. Furth (1995); J. G. Gavin and J. H. Nuckolls (1996) and M.N. Rosenbluth (1997).

Leadership Awards are presented to individuals who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion.

Previous recipients are: S. J. Buchsbaum, R. L. Hirsch, M. McCormack, and P. Tsongas (1980); E. E. Kintner (1981); H. P. Furth and J. H. Nuckolls (1982); J. L. Emmett and T. K. Fowler (1983); T. Ohkawa and G. Yonas (1984); E. P. Velikhov and C. Yamanaka (1985); R. C. Davidson (1986); M. N. Rosenbluth (1987); J. F. Clarke (1988); P-H. Rebut (1989); B. B. Kadomtsev (1990); B. Coppi and E. Storm (1991); R. W. Conn and G. L. Kulcinski (1992); D. L. Cook and J. Sheffield (1993); C. A. Baker and S. E. Koonin (1994); E. M. Campbell and D. O. Overskei (1995); M. Abdou and R. L. McCrory (1996); and D. E. Baldwin (1997).

Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards, in memory of Prof. David J. Rose, are presented to individuals in the early part of their careers (maximum age of 42) who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential for becoming an exceptionally influential leader in the fusion field.

Previous recipients are: S. J. Piet (1987); M. A. Ulrichson (1988); D. Ehst and Y-K. M. Peng (1989); W. Reierson (1990); J. Santarius (1991); O. Filatov and S. Zinkle (1992); J. D. Galambos and S. W. Haney (1993); C. E. Kessel and K. A. McCarthy (1994); F. Najmabadi (1995); G. G. Denisov and P. J. Gierszewski (1996); and P. Barabaschi (1997).

Nominations for the Distinguished Career and Leadership awards may consist of a short statement of qualifications and may be sent by email to fpa@compuserve.com

Nominations for the Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award must contain a bio and list of publications of the nominee and letters of endorsement from several individuals, including some from outside the nominee's home institution. The material must be sent in hard copy by mail, by April 15, to Fusion Power Associates, 2 Professional Drive, Suite 249, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.