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March 11, 1998

FPN98-09 Fusion Program Notes

Fusion Forum Scheduled in Madison, WI

A week-long "Forum for Major Next-Step Fusion Experiments" will be held at Madison, Wisconsin, April 27 - May 1. The purpose of the forum is to begin the process of creating a fusion community consensus on this topic.

The stated objectives of the forum are:

  1. Identify range of options and objectives for major next-step experiments in support of fusion energy development with broad community involvement;

  2. Establish a broad consensus within the community around the pursuit of a few options whose implementation would be contingent on domenstic and international budget developments;

  3. Issue a report summarizing the areas where consensus has been reached, establish a context and strategy for pursuit of any next-step options, and identify issues which remain unresolved with a plan for addressing them at a follow-on meeting tentatively planned for May or June.

Co-chairs of the forum are Jim Drake (drake@glue.umd.edu), Univ. of Maryland, Gerald Navratil (navratil@columbia.edu), Columbia University, and William Nevins (nevins@llnl.gov), LLNL. Contact Navratil for an email description of the meeting agenda and/or visit the web site: http://nso.ucsd.edu.

Conference organizers say there will be plenty of time for participants to present their views and for discussion. There are no restrictions on attendance.

The forum is motivated by the current uncertainty about the future of ITER. A recent FESAC report urged the U. S. program to "initiate a domestic study with broad fusion community involvement to explore the many options." This forum is in response to that recommendation. The forum organizers state, "If you are an active participant in the fusion energy sciences program, you are strongly encouraged to attend this Forum." They also encourage "junior researchers" to attend. International participation is also not excluded.

If you plan to attend, please advise Kay Shatrawka (shatrawka@juno.physics.wisc.edu) as soon as possible.