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July 24, 1998

FPN98-22 Fusion Program Notes

More on ITER EDA Extension

FPN98-21, July 23, 1998, on ITER Extension Agreement was based on verbal reports from the meeting of the ITER Council Meeting in Vienna, July 21 - 23. The following summary is from the official "Record of Decisions" approved by the Council.

"1.0 The Council noted that three Parties, RF, EU and Japan, have signed the Amendment extending the ITER EDA Agreement.

"1.1 The Council also noted the following statement by the US representative:

  1. Recognizing the progress made to date in the ITER EDA Agreement, the US Party has completed all the formal preparations to sign the Extension Agreement except the Congressional consultations.

  2. These consultations with the U.S.Congress must proceed to a satisfactory conclusion before the US Party will sign.

  3. A conclusion to these consultations is expected by October, 1998.

  4. Pending such conclusion,and subject to the availability of appropriated funds, the US Party will continue to be a participant on a voluntary basis.

"1.2 The four Parties confirm their intention to maintain activities at the level each Party deems appropriate, pending resolution of the issues under 1-3 in 1.1 above.

"2. The Council asked the IC Chair to send a letter to the IAEA Trust Fund authority requesting the IAEA to continue distributing available ITER Joint Funds for the period July 21, 1998 through October 1998, according to the ITER Director's request."