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August 12, 1998

FPN98-25 Fusion Program Notes

New FESAC Members

The DOE has added 4 new members to its Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) and rotated 9 members off, thus reducing the size of the committee from 22 to 17. The move is part of a plan to have a staggered rotation of FESAC members.

The new members are: Charles Baker (UCSD), Jeffrey Freidberg (MIT), Gerald Navaratil (Columbia University), and Cynthia Phillips (PPPL),

Those leaving FESAC are: Ira Bernstein (Yale University), James Callen (University of Wisconsin), Melissa Cray (LANL), Sam Harkness (Westinghouse), Michael Knotek (DOE), Earl Marmar (MIT), Bruce Montgomery (MIT), Nermin Uckan (ORNL), and Stewart Zweben (PPPL).

John Sheffield (ORNL) will continue to chair the FESAC. Other members continuing to serve are: Richard Briggs (SAIC), Robert Conn (UCSD), Katharine Gebbie (NIST), Richard Hazeltine (University of Texas at Austin), Joseph Johnson (Florida A&M), Charles Kennel (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), John Lindl (LLNL), Marshall Rosenbluth (UCSD), Tony Taylor (General Atomics), Nat Fisch (American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics, Ex-Officio), Wayne Houlberg (American Nuclear Society Fusion Energy Division, Ex-Officio) and Ned Sauthoff (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Ex-Officio).