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December 14, 1998

FPN98-37 Fusion Program Notes

FPA to Co-Sponsor 1999 Fusion Summer Study

Fusion Power Associates will co-sponsor a two week workshop called the "1999 Fusion Summer Study," July 11-23, in Snowmass Colorado. Richard Hawryluk (PPPL), Grant Logan (LLNL) and Mike Mauel (Columbia University) will co-chair the workshop and coordinate the activities of the Organizing Committee, whose members also include Dan Barnes (LANL), Arnold Kritz (Lehigh University), Farrokh Najmabadi (UCSD), Craig Olson (SNL), Tony Taylor (GA) and Mohamed Abdou (UCLA). Other organizations co-sponsoring the workshop include DOE, GA, LANL, LBNL, LLNL, MIT/PSFC, ORNL, PPPL, SNL, UFA and VLT. The workshop is also endorsed by the APS Division of Plasma Physics.

The purpose of the workshop is to "provide an opportunity for individuals involved with fusion research to interact with each other and develop a scientific and technical basis for consensus on:

(1) the key issues for plasma science, technology, and energy and environment for fusion energy development; and

(2) the opportunities and potential contributions of existing and possible future facilities and programs to reduce fusion development costs and achieve attractive economic and environmental features."

As a prelude to the Summer Study, Fusion Power Associates will co-sponsor, with UCLA, a three day workshop, January 25-27 in Marina del Rey, near Los Angeles airport, on the theme "Cost-Effective Steps to Fusion Power." At that workshop, participants will identify the key issues associated with fusion power development and suggest cost-effective ways to resolve the issues.

Registration and agenda information on the January 25-27 workshop can be obtained from Fusion Power Associates (fpa@compuserve.com). Information on registrations and agenda for the 1999 Summer Study can be obtained on-line (www.pppl.gov/snowmass).

Registration is open to both U.S. and international participants and includes all approaches to fusion power, including magnetic, inertial and other, less-conventional approaches.