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International Town Meeting on SiC/SiC Design and Material Issues for Fusion Systems
January 18-19, 2000, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(Sponsered by the ARIES Program)

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Meeting Summary
Objectives and Contact Info
Participant List

Tuesday January 18, 2000 in Room 240, Building 4515 (HTML) at ORNL

8:30    Welcome and introductory remarks B. Wiffen/S. Milora
8:40 Administrative items and review of agenda S. Zinkle/R. Raffray
Design Concepts (Chairman: R. Raffray)
8:50 DREAM blanket concept S. Nishio
9:20 Advanced helium cooled pebble bed blanket
with SiC/SiC as structural material
L. Boccaccini
9:50 TAURO blanket system H. Golfier
10:20 Break
10:35 A design studies perspective on advanced materials M. Tillack
11:05 ARIES-AT blanket and divertor concepts R. Raffray
11:35 Nuclear and activation issues for SiC/SiC L. El-Guebaly
12:05 Lunch
1:05 Modeling of SiC/SiC composite structures G. Aiello
1:35 Life prediction methodology for ceramic matrix composites S. Case
Status of Materials R&D
2:05 Overview of Japan effort on SiC A. Kohyama
2:35 Overview of US effort on SiC R. Jones
Fabrication and Joining (Chairman: C. Lewinsohn)
2:50 SiCf/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Applied to Nuclear Fusion:
Development Status and Manufacturing Capabilities
F. Abbe
3:20 High Thermal Conductivity SiC/SiC Composites for Fusion Applications M. Kowbel
3:50 Break
4:05 SiC/SiC alternate fabrication method A. Kohyama
4:20 SiC/SiC joining C. Lewinsohn
4:50 Joining of SiC/SiC to SiC/SiC Y. Katoh
5:20 Joining of SiC/SiC to other material A. Hasegawa
5:50 Adjourn
7:00 No-host dinner

Wed. January 19, 2000 in Room 240, Building 4515 (HTML) at ORNL

Baseline Properties (Chairmen: M. Billone/L. Snead)
8:00 SiC/SiC thermo-physical properties (including thermal conductivity,
effective elastic constants and stress-strain behavior beyond elastic range)
Y. Katoh
8:30 SiC/SiC thermo-physical properties including creep strength E. Lara-Curzio
9:15 SiC/SiC creep strength H. Serizawa
9:30 SiC/SiC fiber properties R. Jones/C. Lewinsohn
9:45 SiC/SiC compatibility with He coolant R. Jones/ E. Lara-Curzio
10:05 SiC compatibility with Pb-Li T. Terai
10:30 Break
10:45 FZK activities on compatibility tests of SiC/ Ceramic Breeder,
Beryllium and Pb-17Li
L. Boccaccini
11:05 Irradiation effects on SiC/SiC (including baseline properties,
irradiation creep and transmutation products)
R. Jones/L. Snead
11:30 Irradiation effects on SiC/SiC (including baseline properties,
irradiation creep and transmutation products) and lifetime limiting mechanisms
A. Hasegawa
11:55 Irradiation Testing of SiCf-SiC Composites at HFR Petten P. de Heij
12:10 Lifetime limiting mechanisms Y. Katoh
12:25 Planned activities at FZK on failure mechanism and -rate of SiC composite L. Boccaccini
12:40 Lunch + Tour of ORNL HTML facility S. Zinkle
2:30 Discussion and Summary M. Billone/R. Raffray
5:30 Adjourn