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US/Japan Workshop on
Power Plant Studies and Advanced Technologies with EU participation

5-7, March 2008, San Diego, California

Agenda (pdf)
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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

584 EBU-II,
University of California, San Diego
9:15   Welcome & Logistics R. Raffray
9:20   Opening Addresses F. Najmabadi and Y. Ogawa

Session 1: Helical Reactors (Chairman: Y. Ogawa)

9:30   Overview of Design Integration toward Optimization of LHD-type Fusion Reactor FFHR (pdf) A. Sagara (presented by Y. Kozaki)
10:05   Low Temperature and High Density Ignited Operation in the FFHR Helical Reactor (pdf) O. Mitarai
10:40 Break
10:55   Design Windows and Cost Analysis on LHD-type Helical Reactor (pdf) Y. Kozaki
11:30   ARIES-CS Power Plant: Final Engineering Results and Findings (ppt,pdf) R. Raffray
11:30   Integration of Nuclear, Economics, and Safety Constraints in ARIES-CS Compact Stellerator (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
12:40 Lunch

Session 2: Path to DEMO and Physics Aspects (Chairman: L. Waganer)

13:55   Progress in Design Study on Low Aspect Ratio DEMO, SlimCS (pdf) K. Tobita
14:30   Overview of the ARIES Next Step study (pdf,ppt) F. Najmabadi
15:05   A Methodology for Evaluating Progress toward an Attractive Fusion Energy Source (ppt) M. Tillack
15:40 Break
15:55   Critical Beta Analyses of Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak (pdf) G. Kurita
16:30   Burning Plasma Gap between ITER and DEMO (ppt) D. Meade
19:00 Welcome Dinner

Thursday, 6 March 2007

CMRR Auditorium
University of California, San Diego
9:15   Roadmap to DEMO based on a List of Work Break-down Structure (to appear) K. Okano

Session 3: Power Core Components and Rad-Waste (Chairman: K. Tobita)

9:50   Recent Trend in Managing Fusion Radwaste: Recycling and Clearance, Avoiding Disposal (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
10:25   Development of High Temperature LiPb-SiC blanket (pdf) Y. Yamamoto
11:00 Break
11:15   Thermo-fluid and Thermo-mechanic Analyses of He-Cooled Flat Plate and T-Tube Divertor Concepts (pdf,ppt) X. Wang
11:50 Visit of PISCES Laboratory
12:40 Lunch

Session 4: Laser Fusion Reactor Design (Chairman: M. Tillack)

14:00   Elemental Researches on Liquid Wall of KOYO-F - Aerosols, Beam port, and Cascade flow (pdf) T. Norimatsu
14:35   Feasibility Study on the Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion Reactor with a Dry Wall - FALCON-D (pdf,ppt) Y. Ogawa
15:10 Break
15:25 Visit of Laser Laboratory

Friday, 7 March 2007

CMRR Auditorium
University of California, San Diego

Session 5: Fusion Energy System (Chairman: K. Okano)

9:15   Hydrogen Production from Biomass with Fusion Heat - Its feasibility and Impact (pdf) S. Konishi
9:50   Development of the New ARIES Tokamak System Code (ppt) Z. Dragojlovic
10:25 Break
10:45   Utility Analysis of Future Power Generation Based on the Choice Experiment (ppt) R. Hiwatari
11:20 Final Discussion
11:50 Closing Addresses

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