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US/Japan Workshop on
Power Plant Studies and Advanced Technologies with EU participation

23-24 February 2010, UC San Diego

Agenda (pdf)
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Tuesday February 23, 2010

9:00   Welcome & Openning Remarks (ppt) M. Tillack

Session 1: Helical Systems (Chair: F. Najmabadi)

9:10   Recent activities on FFHR designs towards DEMO (pdf) A. Sagara
9:50   The ignition access by NBI heating in FFHR (pdf) O. Mitarai
10:30 Break

Session 2: Overview of Tokamak Power Plants (Chair: Y. Ogawa)

10:45   Progress in engineering design of the SlimCS DEMO reactor (pdf) K. Tobita
11:25   ARIES study on plasma boundary issues and plasma-facing components (pdf, ppt) F. Najmabadi
12:00 Lunch

Session 3: Systems Analysis (Chairman: M. Tillack)

13:30   Platform on integrated design of fusion reactors (pdf, ppt) Y. Ogawa
14:10   Update on the new ARIES systems code (pdf) L. Carlson
14:50 Break

Session 4: First wall & blanket (Chairman: A. Sagara)

15:10   Design study of advanced blanket system for DEMO reactor (ppt, pdf) H. Utoh
15:50   Design and analysis of an innovative first wall concept for ARIES (pdf) X. Wang
18:30 Dinner

Wednesday February 24, 2010


Session 5: Plamsa Physics (Chairman: K. Tobita)

9:00   Study of Power Exhaust in Edge and Divertor of the SlimCS Demo Reactor (ppt, pdf) N. Asakura
9:40   A vision of an actively controlled advanced tokamak reactor (pdf) A. Turnbull
10:20 Break

Session 6: High Heat Flux Components (Chairman: A. Turnbull)

10:40   Analysis of high heat flux components under normal and off-normal conditions (pdf, ppt) M. Tillack
11:20   Commissioning scenario including divertor condition for Demo-CREST (ppt, pdf) R. Hiwatari
12:00 Closing Addresses

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