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US/Japan Workshop on
Power Plant Studies and Advanced Technologies

8-9 March 2012, UC San Diego

Agenda (pdf)
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Thursday March 8, 2012

9:00   Welcome & Openning Remarks F. Najmabadi

Session 1: Overview of Power Plant Studies (Chair: Y. Ogawa)

9:10   Design and R&D Activities for the LHD-type DEMO FFHR-d1 (pdf) A. Sagara
9:50   Overview of ARIES ACT study (pdf, ppt) F. Najmabadi
10:15 Break

Session 2: System Studies & Economics (Chair: F. Najmabadi)

10:30   ARIES systems code developments and results (pdf, ppt) L. Carlson
11:25   Economic feasibility of the biomass-fusion hybrid concept (pdf) K. Ibano
11:45 Lunch

Session 3: Blankets-I (Chairman: A. Sagara)

13:00   Recent progress of the R&D and design for high temperature blanket and biomass hybrid concept (pdf) S. Konishi
13:40   Engineering Overview of ARIES ACT (pdf, ppt) M. Tillack
14:20 Break

Session 4: Blankets -II (Chairman: S. Konishi)

15:40   Design and Analysis of ARIES-ACT SiC blanket (pdf) X. Wang
15:50   Tritium barriers in heat cycle, and Final optics for Ignition Beam of fast ignition (pdf) T. Norimatsu
16:00   Current and Future States of the Key Technologies to Realize Fusion Reactor -a View of Technology Maturity Assessment by Japanese Young Researchers (pdf) R. Kasada
19:00 Dinner

Friday March 9, 2012


Session 5: Plamsa Physics I (Chairman: N. Asakura)

9:00   Consideration on the core plasma control for a tokamak fusion reactor (pdf) Y. Ogawa
9:40   Progress in modeling of ARIES ACT Plasma (pdf) A. Turnbull
10:20   Progress in modeling of FDF (pdf) A. Garofalo
10:50 Break

Session 6: Plamsa Physics I (Chairman: A. Turnbull)

11:00   Development of power handling and modeling for the SlimCS divertor (pdf) N. Asakura
11:40   Dependence of the Ignition access on the ion to electron energy confinement time ratio in FFHR (pdf) O. Mitarai
12:30 Closing Addresses

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