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US-Japan Workshop on
Fusion Power Plant Studies and Advanced Technologies

13-14 March 2014, UC San Diego

Agenda (pdf)
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Thursday March 13, 2014

9:30   Welcome & Logistics M. Tillack (UCSD)

Power Plant Design

Session Chair: C. Kessel
10:00   Summary and conclusions from the ARIES ACT studies (pdf) F. Najmabadi (UCSD)
10:30   Plasma current start-up without central solenoid in STOR-M iron core tokamak and its application to ST reactor (pdf) O. Mitarai (Kyushu Tokai U)
11:00   Overview of the ARIES ACT2 power core (pdf) M. Tillack (UCSD)
11:30   ARIES-ACT four-corners study of tokamak design space (pdf) C. Kessel (PPPL)
 Break for Lunch

Next-Step Devices and materials

Session Chair: O. Mitarai
2:00   Concept development of DEMO in Japan (pdf) K. Tobita (JAEA)
2:30   Introduction to the FNSF study (pdf) C. Kessel (PPPL)
3:00   Demo design activity for the BA collaboration in IFERC (pdf) K. Okano (Keio U)
 Coffee Break
Session Chair: K. Okano
4:00   Impact of H&CD Technology on DEMO Scenario Choice (pdf) A. Garofalo (GA)
4:30   Design of helical reactor FFHR-d1 and c1 for steady state DEMO (pdf) A. Sagara (NIFS)
5:00   Design study of structural components and issues on maintenance scenario for helical reactor FFHR-d1A (pdf) H. Tamura (NIFS)

Friday March 14, 2013


Safety, Blanket and Divertor

Session Chair: M. Tillack
9:30   Divertor physics and related safety issues (pdf) Y. Ogawa (U Tokyo)
10:00   Implication of Fukushima Event and its Possible Impact on Tritium Release from Fusion Facilities S. Konishi (Kyoto U)
10:30   Provisional scenario of radioactive waste management for DEMO (pdf) Y. Someya (JAEA)
 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Y. Ogawa
11:30   Impact of ELM and transient heat load on divertors S. Konishi (Kyoto U)
12:00   Dynamic response of fusion reactor materials under electromagnetic force (pdf) R. Kasada (Kyoto U)
12:30   Final remarks F. Najmabadi (UCSD)
 Adjourn Workshop

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