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ARIES Town Meetings

ARIES Town Meeting on Edge Plasma Physics and Plasma Material Interactions in the Fusion Power Plant Regime
20-21 May 2010, UCSD

International HHFC Workshop on Readiness to Proceed from Near Term Fusion Systems to Power Plants
10-12 December 2008, UCSD

ARIES Compact Stellarator Physics Town Meeting
15-16 September 2005, PPPL

ARIES Town Meeting on Liquid Wall Chamber Dynamics
5-6 May 2003, Livermore

ARIES Tritium Town Meeting
6-7 March 2001, Livermore

International Town Meeting on SiC/SiC Design & Material Issues for Fusion Systems
18-19 January 2000, ORNL

ARIES Town Meeting on ST Physics
6-7 May 1998, UCSD

ARIES Town Meeting on Designing with Brittle Materials
19 June 1997, UW Madison

ARIES Town Meeting on Low Aspect Ratio Spherical Tokamaks
31 January 1996, UCSD

ARIES Town Meeting on Structural Materials
10 May 1995, ANL

ARIES Workshop on Liquid Target Divertors
2-3 March 1995, ANL