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"The TITAN Reversed Field Pinch Fusion Reactor Study -- The Final Report,"
F. Najmabadi, R. W. Conn, et al.,
UCLA report UCLA-PPG-1200 (1990).

Cover Pages
Author List and Detailed Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
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2. Reversed-Field Pinch as a Fusion Reactor
3. Parametric Systems Studies
4. Magnetics
5. Burning-Plasma Simulations
6. Plasma Transient Operations
7. Current Drive
8. Physics Issues for Compact RFP Reactors
9. Overview of TITAN-I Design
10. TITAN-I Fusion-Power-CORE Engineering
11. TITAN-I Divertor Engineering
12. TITAN-I Tritium Systems
13. TITAN-I Safety Design and Radioactive Waste Disposal
14. TITAN-I Maintenance Procedures
15. Overview of TITAN-II Design
16. TITAN-II Fusion-Power-CORE Engineering
17. TITAN-II Divertor Engineering
18. TITAN-II Tritium Systems
19. TITAN-II Safety Design and Radioactive Waste Disposal
20. TITAN-II Maintenance Procedures
Appendix A (TITAN-I Systems Code Details)
Appendix B (TITAN-II Systems Code Details)