Tutorials: optics, photonics, laser plasma, HED

Optical phenomena and elements

Melles Griot optics guide
Polarization and polarization control
Nanopositioning and piezo tutorial (Physik Instrumente)

Science of Laser Plasma and High Energy Density Physics

LLNL laser plasma tutorial
Workshop on High Energy Density Physics (May 2004)
Stockpile Stewardship


Nikon Microscopy U
Olympus primer
Confocal imaging
Nomarski (differential interference contrast) microscopy

Other Measurement Techniques

Raman spectroscopy tutorial
Ellipsometry: J. A. Woollam, Rudolph ellipsometer
The Light Measurement Handbook (3.8 MB pdf)

Laser fundamentals

Chirped pulse amplification (cpa)
History of excimer lasers (3 MB pdf)

Beam Quality, lenses and M2

Beam profiling (2 MB pdf)
lens design calculator
Hyperphysics tutorial on lenses
Application note on M2 (by Spiricon)
Application note on divergence (US Laser Corp.)
Application note on M2 (US Laser Corp.)

Inertial Fusion Energy

UC Berkeley Inertial Fusion Energy Tutorial
100 kg of TNT = 418 MJ (150 pounds of explosives destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995).

Tutorial on Noise (see also this pdf file)

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