Laser-Plasma and Laser-Matter Interactions Laboratory

The Laser-Plasma and Laser-Matter Interactions Laboratory is located in room B-538 EBU-I on the campus of the University of California, San Diego (see Feb. 2006 photo of the inner lab). The lab is used for experimental studies of optics damage, laser-ablation plume dynamics, laser plasma physics and dynamic response of materials.

The lab contains energy sources and diagnostics used for performing research on Inertial Fusion Energy and related applications. The two main classes of short-pulse laser in the lab are solid state Nd:YAG and excimer lasers.

Primary Energy Sources

  1. Spectra Physics QuantaRay 290-10
  2. Continuum Surelite II-10
  3. Lumonics (InnoLas) HY400
  4. Ekspla SL355
  5. Lambda Physik Compex 201
  6. Lambda Physik LPX Pro

Plasma and Plume Diagnostics

  1. Roper visible spectrometer
  2. JenOptik EUV spectrometer
  3. Elias high-resolution spectrometer: photo, manual, CCD, controller, software
  4. Pi-MAX 2-ns iCCD camera
  5. Pi-SX x-ray camera
  6. PMT
  7. EUV energy monitor
  8. Nomarski interferometer
  9. Faraday cup
  10. laser diagnostics: cameras, photodiodes, energy meters
Surface Diagnostics
  1. Nikon optical microscope (4 objectives, dark and bright field, Nomarski)
  2. Ambios Technology XP-1 surface profiler
  3. Ambios Technology Xi-100 non-contact optical profiler

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