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Advanced Energy Technology Group Seminar Series

23 October 2003
10:00 AM
479 EBU-II, UC San Diego

Chamber Gas Dynamic Responses in IFE Chambers

Zoran Dragojlovic


Many physical phenomena with different time scales occur in the chamber following the target explosion. After the target-generated x-rays and ion debris traverse the chamber, the chamber environment is in a non-equilibrium phase (e.g., non-uniform pressure) and material is introduced in the chamber (e.g., ejecta from the wall as well desorbed target constituents implanted in the wall). Afterwards, the chamber environment evolves mainly in the hydrodynamics time scale. Understanding the evolution and dynamics of chamber environment at this "long" timescale is essential in developing a rap-rated laser-fusion facility. We have developed SPARTAN code to investigate chamber evolution. Strong shocks born out of the target blast are captured by a second order Godunov algorithm for compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Arbitrary chamber geometry is incorporated into a Cartesian grid and resolved by embedded boundary method. Simulation demonstrates the robustness of the numerical algorithm in treatment of highly nonlinear chamber dynamics with fast moving discontinuities. For this purpose, the effects of selected parameters (viscosity and heat conduction) on the chamber state prior to the insertion of the next target are estimated.

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