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Advanced Energy Technology Group Seminar Series

11 December 2003
10:00 AM
479 EBU-II, UC San Diego

Compact Stellarator Power Plant Maintenance

Xueren Wang
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept.
University of California, Los Angeles


Evolution of the fusion power core configuration and maintenance scheme is quite challenging for a compact stellarator power plant because of the helical plasma geometry and the minimum space constraint between the coil and plasma boundary at some locations. Possible maintenance schemes can be categorized based on the size of a replaceable blaket unit, ranging from a modular approach for small size blanket modules to a field-period based approach where large portions of the blanket are removed involving displacement of other components including the shield, vacuum vessel and even the coil. The choice of maintenance scheme poses constraints on the design of the power core components and also of the vacuum vessel and coil, and an integrated approach is required when evolving the power plant design. For example, for a modular approach, the available spacing between adjacent coils would set the port size that in turn would dictate the replaceable blanket module size.

This talk reports the initial results on the assessment of maintenance schemes in combination with the scoping studies of power core configurations for ARIES-CS. Key issues associated with modular and field-period schemes are discussed and example power core designs that would be compatible with these maintenance schemes are summarized.

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