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Applied Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Seminar Series

Fall 2002

Tuesday, 3:30-4:30 PM in 479 EBU-II

October 15

Matthew J. Baldwin
UC San Diego


Plasma-facing components in future fusion reactors must be capable of surviving a harsh environment; including high heat fluxes, large particle fluxes, tritium accumulation, neutron irradiation and off-normal events (i.e. disruptions and ELMs). The concept of a flowing, renewable liquid surface has been proposed as a potentially viable solution to this critical issue. Liquid lithium is one of a variety of candidate materials that can be used in a flowing system to withstand these conditions and as such, has been studied for some time in the PISCES Research Program in regards to its interaction with plasma. Issues studied include deuterium retention and desorption behavior and enhanced lithium erosion with temperature. These experiments and results will be summarized and collaborative experiments involving the use of liquid lithium in the CDXU spherical torus discussed.

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