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Applied Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Seminar Series

Fall 2002

Tuesday, 3:30-4:30 PM in 479 EBU-II

December 3

Integrated Experiment Modeling Program for Fusion Reactor Materials

G. E. Lucas
Acting Executive Vice Chancellor
UC Santa Barbara


The US Fusion Materials Program has recently undergone a transformation. It has moved from a program focused on developing specific structural alloys for both near term devices (e.g., ITER) and long term advanced power machines to a program focused on developing a scientific understanding of the microstructural evolution and concomitant mechanical property changes that occur in structural materials during irradiation by high energy neutrons. Rather than focus on a few alloys, it is directed at studying phenomena that cut across materials systems of interest. This will provide a framework for conducting a much better alloy development effort in the future. Within this framework, the program at UCSB is looking at integrating both modeling and experimental methods to examine deformation and fracture phenomena that will be manifest in fusion reactor structural materials. Examples will be given illustrating that this integration leads to understanding how irradiated materials deform and ultimately fail.

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