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Applied Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Seminar Series

Fall 2002

Tuesday, 3:30-4:30 PM in 479 EBU-II

October 29

Plasma-neutral interactions in Plasma Processing
Prof. George Tynan*
UC San Diego


Successful plasma processing of semiconducting substrates during the film deposition and etching manufacturing steps requires the achievement of highly uniform plasma and neutral radical densities, and control of the chemical composition of these components. In addition the transport of material from the wafer surface is also of interest. In this talk we briefly review these issues and then summarize recent related experimental work. Topics for the seminar include (i)control of radical composition using admixtures of noble gases to modify the electron kinetics, (ii) studies of neutral radical uniformity and neutral reactant transport mechanisms, and (iii) studies of simulated etch byproduct transport mechanisms.

*S.M. Yun, L. Lindholm, K. Taylor, G.R. Tynan
we also want to acknowledge discussions w/ S. Krasheninnikov

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