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Applied Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Seminar Series

Fall 2004

Wednesday, 3:30-4:30 PM in 479 EBU-II

Oct. 13
Time-delay estimation of turbulent velocity fields in magnetized plasmas

C. Holland
UC San Diego


A key challenge for the development of practical fusion power is to understand how particle and thermal transport are controlled by plasma turbulence. One of the key discoveries of the last twenty years in fusion research has been the role of both equilibrium and nonlinearly generated large-scale sheared flows in regulating the turbulence and turbulent transport. In order to have a better understanding of the underlying physical processes which describe these shear flows, and the turbulent velocity fields which drive the fluxes of particles and heat which limit the performance of fusion devices, one would like to be able to measure the velocity fields throughout the plasma. However, the high temperatures of the plasma prevent direct measurement of most turbulent quantities except at the plasma edge. To overcome this limitation, we have been working on development of techniques which can use existing measurements of density fluctuations inside the plasma to infer the turbulent velocity field (as well as the equilibrium background flow). In this talk, I will present a brief overview of the role of shear flows in magnetized plasmas, and then discuss our velocity inference algorithm, current results using this algorithm, and future directions of inquiry.

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