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Fusion Technology Standing Committee
Fusion Technology Awards
To recognize outstanding contributions to research and development in the field of Fusion Technology.

$3,000 and a plaque. Each award recipient will have conference registration fees waived for the conference year in which the award is made and will be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses for conference attendance upon presentation of a travel report, but not to exceed $1,500.

Funded by the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society's Symposium on Fusion Engineering.

Any person, regardless of nationality or Society affiliation, is eligible for the award, with the exception that no current member of the IEEE/NPSS Standing Committee on Fusion Technology may be considered.

Basis for Judging:
The recipient shall be selected for one of two categories as determined by the IEEE/NPSS Standing Committee on Fusion Technology that year: (a) outstanding and innovative technical contributions which are widely recognized and have a major impact in the Fusion Technology Community; or (b) outstanding and innovative technical leadership in or service to the Fusion Technology Community. The nominee is not required to be a member of IEEE or NPSS but, where candidates have otherwise equal qualifications, preference shall be given to the candidate who is a member of IEEE.

By Chairperson of the IEEE/NPSS Standing Committee on Fusion Technology or his/her representative, on behalf of the NPSS, during the Symposium on Fusion Engineering.

The Fusion Technology standing committee solicits nominations for the Fusion Technology Award approximately 5 months prior to each Symposium on Fusion Engineering. The nomination package consists of a nomination letter describing the technical and/or leadership contributions on which the nomination is recommended and a resume from the candidate.

The deadline for nominations was January 1, 2009. The next call for nominations should take place in late 2010 or early 2011. Nominations should be sent to the Fusion Technology Awards Committee chair, Mr. Philip Heitzenroeder, pheitzen@pppl.gov, 609-243-3043.  


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