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Additional Information:

ARIES-II/IV DRAFT documentation (1994).

Background Information:

For a COE comparative projection, go here.

For Maxwellian-averaged fusion reactivities, go here.

Science basis of fusion power plant studies.

  • For a summary of the science basis, go here.


  • L. Geller, R. W. Kupp, and S. Koslov, "Engineering Aspects of a Thermonuclear Power Plant,'' Proc. of the Second United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva (1958) Vol. 31, p. 257.
  • British Nuclear Energy Society, ``Nuclear Fusion Reactors,'' Proc. of the B.N.E.S. Conference on Nuclear Fusion Reactors, UKAEA Culham Laboratory, (17-19 September 1969).
  • W. C. Gough (Ed.), ``CTR Engineering Systems Study Review Meeting,'' USAEC report WASH-1278 (1973).


  • C. G. Bathke and The ARIES Team, ``Systems Analysis in Support of the Selection of the ARIES-RS Design Point,'' Fusion Eng. and Des., 38 (1997) 59.
  • preprint (.pdf)


  • R. L. Miller, ``Overview of the Spherical Tokamak Power Plant Study: ARIES-ST,'' Fusion Technol., 34, 3, Part 2 (Nov. 1998) 364.

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