International HHFC Workshop on Readiness to Proceed from Near Term Fusion Systems to Power Plants

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December 10-12, 2008

University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA


The ARIES Team organizes Town Meetings (or Workshops) from time to time on topic of high interest to provide a forum for discussions between scientists from enabling technologies, power plant studies and other communities (e.g. see: or ).


A topic of high current interest is the apparent disconnect or gap between near term and long term concepts for high heat flux components (HHFC, and in particular divertors). This is the focus of this workshop aimed at: better characterizing the international status of current HHFC design concepts for power plants; comparing it to the present stage of development and experimental information for near term concepts (ITER-like); and better understanding how to evaluate where we are with respect to the end goal (power plant HHFC concepts) and what needs to be done to get there. The question carries also of course an important physics aspect in realistically determining the expected physics regime of operation in a power plant and the corresponding heat and particle fluxes on the divertor, and an important material aspect in designing the HHFC's for accommodation of the threats from the fusion environment. To provide a better focus to the discussion and to the end goals, the workshop scope is on solid wall HHFC's for Tokamaks.

The workshop will include five different sessions focusing on:

  1. Near term HHFC design and R&D (ITER)
  2. Long term HHFC concepts (Power plants)
  3. Material aspects for near term and long term concepts (development/fabrication/joining and plasma interaction testing aspects)
  4. Physics considerations for near term and long term concepts
  5. Evaluation methodology to evaluate current readiness level vis-a-vis the long term objective and how to get there

Ample discussion time will be included to discuss these and also how to bridge the readiness level gap.


A document (publication) summarizing the key findings from the workshop is being prepared.

A presentation summarizing the main observations from the workshop was made at the FESAC meeting at the Gaithersburg Hilton, Maryland on January 13, 2009 (ppt, pdf).